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Testimonial Goodman

"Expert service from survey and analysis right up to delivery and after-care."

Justin van Esch, Property Manager The Netherlands:

“ServicebouwPlus mainly performs structural work on various buildings of Goodman. This work varies from minor repairs to major maintenance.

Total service provider
For us, ServicebouwPlus offers the advantage of being a total service provider in various types of maintenance, repair and modification work. They assume responsibility for on-site management so that we need not be present during the performance of structural work.

Complete and reliable
Thorough study and clear consultations before the start of work are characteristic of the cooperation. ServicebouwPlus uses short lines of communication. Work is properly substantiated in advance. All employees are open to dialogue. We notice this both during the preparation and imitation phase."

"ServicebouwPlus is expert, works with care and strives for quality!"

About Goodman

Goodman is a developer, investor and manager of logistics property. The company manages over 400 buildings worldwide, of which approx. 150 in Europe and 11 in the Netherlands (400,000 m2). Its services are characterised by a direct and long-term relationship with its tenants.

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