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Testimonial Hercuton

“ServicebouwPlus is always available for the customers of Hercuton, even after the expiration of the maintenance period.”

Ivo van der Mark

Ivo van der Mark, Managing Director:

“In 2007, ServicebouwPlus was originally founded as a service department of Hercuton. Because of the increased demand of the market, they have expanded their expertise in the first year in business. ServicebouwPlus supports Hercuton’s customers with new constructions, but also when it comes to maintenance, renovation or redevelopment.

Because your building is also our building!
The service can be found in all kind of things. We are proactive, involved, but also solutions-oriented in a smart, responsible and creative way. That is the ServicebouwPlus way. From preventive maintenance to complete redevelopment, from inspections to sewer renovations, ServicebouwPlus is taking care of it!

“ServicebouwPlus is involved, innovative and focused on solutions”

About Hercuton

Hercuton is a Total Provider of Company Premises. They are specialized at the integrated design and construction of sustainable company premises by using prefabricated concrete. Hercuton is an innovative, full-service organization that takes on full responsibility for the entire construction process.

Are you looking for a turnkey solution? A solution that gives you the freedom to incorporate your own architect’s ideas or to collaborate with Hercuton and form a construction partnership? A total solution that takes care of everything from site selection and preliminary design to ready-to-use premises and post-completion follow-up? Hercuton buildings help you maintain your competitive advantage in terms of sustainability, cost savings, efficiency, maintenance, aesthetics and value retention.

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