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Testimonial Martens en Van Oord

“Regular progress consultations and an evaluation on completion.”

Nanda de Fijter, Office Manager:

“ServicebouwPlus carries out the maintenance work on our office building. We are very satisfied with their open communication, flexibility and client friendliness.

During the preliminary process, the work was deliberated at length with us. ServicebouwPlus subsequently applied its knowledge and expertise to present a specified quote. After our approval, they drew up a planning whereby our operations were taken into account.

Fixed contact
Regular progress consultations took place during the project. Also, an evaluation was held on completion. It is very convenient to do this with a fixed contact at ServicebouwPlus.”

“ServicebouwPlus is expert, flexible and client friendly."

About Martens en Van Oord

Martens en Van Oord is active in earthworks, roadbuilding and hydraulic engineering. The founders adopted three core values: expert, pioneering and involved. Those values still determine the company today. With professionals that are masters in their discipline, assume responsibility, and embrace innovation and sustainability.

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