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Revitalisation of old industrial estates

The Netherlands has numerous sustainable and attractive industrial estates. But what if your industrial estate has overdue maintenance and is losing appeal as a place of establishment? Or if it no longer meets the current wishes and requirements made by businesses?

Revitalisation may be the solution. By structurally upgrading the buildings on the site and modifying the infrastructural facilities at the same time, your industrial estate will once again become a more attractive proposition.

ServicebouwPlus can help you realise this. We can assume responsibility for the total modernisation package of both the buildings and estate. Examples include not only the replacing of road surfacing and sewerage systems, but also the insulation or restyling of facades.

We are your ideal partner in developing a plan that will raise the profile of your estate. Depending on the nature of the project, subsidies may even be available. ServicebouwPlus can supervise the entire process.

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